L i m b o

by powerbleeder

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ryan I sometimes spend evenings pondering why David Plell isn't a majorly famous indie darling yet

PS get yerself a BLOOD RED cassette — I can confirm they are awesome. Favorite track: Hallucensations.
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released November 24, 2015

「フ」Album photos [Tri Tran]
「フ」Modeling [Tony, Mari, Josh, Carissa, Xoe, Tri, Dima, Kelsey]

★Massive thanks to Xoe, Tony, Tri, Ed at the Griz Wiz, the other Ed, Jerry J, Michael, EJ



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powerbleeder Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Shame
I know you're feelin' shame, but I didn't cause it
You know the truth
I'm crying for attention
You know the ceiling
right? I know the roof
let's meet halfway, I wanna do it
today, I wanna do it all day!
when you get me down for living my way
it's unfair treatment
I know the word
I think your word is incorrect
It's just like the feeling that I get
when you want me
to undo what I did
Come on and listen to me Mama, I'm in the red
Come on listen to me Papa, I'm in the red
I'm in the deep red
Track Name: Powerbleeder
I heard you had a little kid
and moved down to Georgia
I can't say why I did
then I moved down to Georgia
Where you've got a man and I've got a dog
and we live in Georgia
When I come around, the ghost of undress you left
with me will keep you up until the dawn, singing
all of the hollerin' harmony, how could it go wrong?
When I come around, you feel so hot, hot damn!
you can't believe I'm in one piece, back from the war
now you're secretly, secretly writing me pathetic love poems.
When I come around, your insides freeze,
your tongue grows!
You think of walking up to swear to god,
One day another man runs away, and
you call me up in Georgia
I can't say why I do, I say I'll meet you
Now she's waiting for me there at a cafe with hair and a dress and looking Georgious.
But when I come around, the halls of you cave in,
your trophy is
a tongue that only moves in bed
you try to sleep but only want to give up! Now
I'm learning to play guitar, so she's wrapping me
up like a hot balloon, try-ing so hard
When I come around, I'm feeling so cool!
I'm off of my switch
I'm gliding like an American tourist.
When I come around, your insides freeze,
you think of walking up to turn me on
Track Name: Future mind
Heels hit the pavement: the ways that I kill my time
the instruments say,
I know the feeling of
going insane at every wolfpack night
All in my hurry, my hurry
my future mind
Can't keep you away. I need to keep you another day
what's on my future mind?
I wanna make a
Grilled Cheese Sandwich!!!
Criss-crossing signals god knows
you can be unkind, your peppermint nightstick
give me a reason to spend one day
outside my future mind
Track Name: Hallucensations
I think I see, I do believe I think I'm the static
and if I love another
I could do anything, could tell it all over
where do I go from now?
She had something,
you got something but
it's not it
it's not it
it's not it (it's not it)
I think I'm seeing things, I think I'm excited!
I'm ecstatic, man! It's not over
nonono, no, no like an open wound, I'm open to us
like a dumb phone call
classic meltdown
ya gotta be kidding
Boys, flame-ghost
I am gonna have you by the throat
Come see me when it's dark out
assembling the ceiling of the night
Can't shake this murmur
teething in the night
Word polish gets in your eyes
and social filler kills the dream
is your philosophy running coins?
If your philosophy leaves the brain
do you see the dead?
If you feel your conscience is depraved
you can come right away
Track Name: Bid on death
They say they wanna take me alive
but they're gonna make exceptions
rigging my Rubik's ruby glue my fate to each side
I'll show you how to make a bed girl...
wait, you wanna keep me in your bed girl?
Live in my dreams will you
maybe I do
I'm young and cold and I can feel it
acting out, acting words
mangled like cursive
cursing you under my breath
amazing I still feel this
am I being tested?
Now they say they want me dead
and they'll give two bucks to a killer
I've got a price on my head
for about as much as you could win her
Honey, come in my living room
can I love you? Honey
down to my digging tooth, I will be true
Track Name: 終点 (shuuten)
Trip from Nagano